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Grand Irian Tours Adventure Travel were supported by a Professional Team who have years of experience in West Papua - Irian Jaya. We serve Professional Customer Relationship - Guiding - English Speaking - Friendly - Local Tribes Knowledge


Our Team

A.U Sitepu Owner Grand Irian Tours and TravelMr. A.U. Sitepu ( The founder and Owner ) was born in 1964 in North Sumatra, after graduated from high school in Sumatra he moved to Bali in 1986 – 1988 where he begin work in Tourism business. After three (3) years trainee in Tourism Department he move to Jayapura/ Irian Jaya guiding the trips into the interior of Irian Jaya or Papua for 3 years then he become a Tour manager.

His experience and leadership was achieved and maintain under his good relation and friendship with everyone involved in the nature of his business including the local people at each destination where he bring people to.

From his succeed and leadership achievement, he become a General Manager from 1990 until he founded Grand Irian Tours and become a Managing Director of a new tour company in 1994.

With his sensitive concern and commitment in giving the best services for all costumer, he always make sure that everyone is working and receive the best that all people in travel industry are happy and satisfy.

Sitepu :

  • Very interesting and likes very much his living in Irian - Papua with his family.
  • very good and friendly personality
  • Business relation is conduct and treat as his best friend
  • Has a very good relation with people he knew and met at the Government offices.

andreas nduru photoAndreas Ndruru ( Specialist Treking – adventure guide for the highland and lowlands ) Born in Nias, North Sumatera in 1965, attended and graduated from high school in the mainland of North Sumatera by the year 1984. Then, from 1984 – 1987 attend and graduate at Foreign Language Academy in Medan – North Sumatera where he became enthusiast  and interested in people of Irian Jaya or Papua after read the article about Asmat and Dani tribes in one of Indonesia magazine.

But his dream and desire to see the land and people of Papua didn’t  become a reality before he met the owner of Tour and Travel Company while he works as a receptionist in one of resort hotel in Brastagi – North Sumatera who offered him a new job as a trekking guide in the interior of Irian – Papua from 1990 – 1994.

He took a new job as a challenge and was very happy stayed and live in Asmat area as a stand by guide for tour company from 1991 – 1993. He learned and experienced many thing with local people in the south coast including the trips he sometimes make up river of Siretsj to bring American and European tourist visit the tirbes  in Brazza river, Korowai and other small tribal groups in the Northern of Asmat land.  

Andreas Ndruru :

  • Very well-known the areas and local people
  • He knows the best fit trip for everyone and how to do the trip at each condition.
  • Always trying his best to make the trip to Irian – West Papua is the memorable, enjoyable and worth for everyone.
  • He loves the tropical rain forest and very much interested with a high
    appreciation of local Papuan’s culture and the way the people living.
  • Guiding the trips in all over Irian – West Papua English Speaking Guide.

Join Ginting PhotoJoin Ginting ( Specialist Trekking – adventure guide for the highland and lowlands) Born in Kabanjahe, North Sumatera in 1971, attend and graduate at High School in 1989. His interest and talent in art and desire in doing some adventurous things, brings him to Irian Jaya – Papua and was very lucky and happy work as a trekking and tour guide for the tour and travel  company in Jayapura in 1990 – a year after he a-completed his High School.

As a result of his new job, he become interested in seeing more of the people life and try to observing more of the so many different culture or tradition of local Papua. Together with Andreas he lieves in Agats – Asmat for 3 years and work as a stand by tour guide for the tour and travel company.

During his stay and work in Asmat area, he also learned many things from several different tribal group’s life and traditions including the tribes inland like Korowai, Kombai, Brazza and other group in the nearby area.

Join Ginting have had made several contact to some of the remote wild areas and had also guided tour to several areas in the Central Highland like in the Baliem Valley and further east territory of Yali tribes in Kosarek and Angguruk.

From the 1st year he work as a tour guide until now he always trying his best in showing people or any one interesting in nature and culture all the best of Papua he have seen and experienced.

He even recently go out of Papua to promote the country he loves and encourage everyone to come and see them selves how beautiful and exotic the nature and culture of  Papua.

Join Ginting :

  • He likes to learn new things that he knows many thing about local people and
    their culture
  • He likes to showing and telling people how beautiful the countryside and how
    interesting they are.
  • Guided trips to the Central Highland, The South lowland and the North of Irian - West Papua.
  • English Speaking guide

Scorpoi - Grand Irian Tours and Travel Trekking Guide TeamScorpio Kogoya ( Specialist Trekking guide in the highland ) Born in Makki – 15 km Northern West of Baliem Valley, Papua, in 1974, Scorpio is one of the best younger local Papua guide for Grand Irian Tours & Travel.

He attend and graduate at high school in the town of Wamena then he become a local cook for several years and trainee for 2 (two) years in Bali as a tour guide. With his be loved to his own home country in Baliem Valley makes him more aggressive to show his own culture and nature of his country to the western peoples.

Scorpio is one of our main guide in the field who give a  contribute to our company.

Scorpio :

  • Humorous, and friendly to everyone
  • He likes to tell people about his families and his ancestor’s tradition
  • Pleased to do thing and has a great patient.
  • English speaking guide

Benny Ginting

Charles Toto


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